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INTERVIEW: Jade Craddock meets Amy Raphael, author of A Game of Two Halves

Ever wondered which goal Frank Lampard is proudest of, who Jürgen Klopp thinks will manage Liverpool in the future, what Rio Ferdinand thinks of Man United in the post-Ferguson years or exactly how many grey cashmere jumpers Pep Guardiola owns? In this collection of frank and funny conversations between footballers and their biggest fans, these ...

THE NOIR INTERVIEW SERIES: Paul Burke meets Joe Thomas

I’m a long-time crime fiction reader; I know the good from the bad and I know what I’m looking for. Joe Thomas’ Gringa (2018), set in modern day São Paulo, got me, it’s fresh, stylish, dark and layered. I went back to the first book in the series, Paradise City (2016), and then onto Playboy, ...

Interview: Paul Burke meets Janet Roger, author of Shamus Dust

It’s Christmastime, 1947, in the City of London’s square mile of high finance. A seeming vice killing spooks a City councillor into hiring Newman, an expatriate American shamus, to keep his name out of a murder. Newman’s private inquiries split two different ways. One takes him to the rackets, to the police murder investigation, and to ...

Interview: Paul Burke meets Leye Adenle

Leye Adenle is a rising star in the world of crime writing; his two Lagos-set novels put him at the forefront of Naija noir’s breakthrough into the world market. This is no flash in the pan, Adenle’s novels can be compared to the best of contemporary European and American crime. I caught up with him ...

INTERVIEW: Paul Burke meets S.G. MacLean

British historical crime fiction is growing in popularity. Readers have always been fascinated by the Tudors but I can’t think of a more engrossing period than the Commonwealth and the brief protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. SG MacLean’s Seeker novels are set during this period; The Seeker opens in 1654. Protagonist Damien Seeker is tasked with ...

On top of receiving a year’s subscription to NB magazine, we will send a handpicked, gift-wrapped book each month of the year.

On top of receiving a year’s subscription to NB magazine, we will send a handpicked, gift-wrapped book each month of the year. Our expert book-pickers will endeavour to select the very best titles, but if you would like to give us a nudge, you're welcome to let us know a few of your favourite genres!


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