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NB Recommends: The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

We are delighted to present NB’s Recommendation for the month of February: the chilling and atmospheric Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse. To kick off our month-long celebration of The Sanatorium (we’ll be posting every Friday, so keep your eyes peeled) Paul Burke spoke to Sarah Pearse about the inspiration behind her outstanding debut. Questions by Paul ...

The Snow and the Works on the Northern Line by Ruth Thomas

At first, I wrongly suspected a touch of Bridget Jones themes with academic undertones in this novel.  However, the author has a crafted a completely different style that engages excellently with the sometimes over used theme of ‘single woman is dumped and then life spirals out of control.’ But where others have failed often appallingly ...

INTERVIEW: Martha Collin talks to Tom Shone, author of The Nolan Variations

In The Nolan Variations, you explore Christopher Nolan’s work as a filmmaker, his filmmaking style and influences, as well as his life and upbringing – what was it about Christopher Nolan in particular that first inspired you to write this? I wanted to write the book because I felt there was something lacking in the ...

INTERVIEW: Philipa Coughlan meets Stephen Spotswood, author of Fortune Favours the Dead

Fortune Favours the Dead – is your first novel. You are a successful playwright and journalist so what drew you to fictional crime writing at this point in your career? Crime and mystery fiction have been a part of my life for as long as I could read. I started with the Hardy Boys and ...

INTERVIEW: Paul Burke meets Rod Humphris, author of Bloodstock

Rod Humphris talks to NB Magazine about his new thriller Bloodstock… Interviewer: Paul Burke Bloodstock: After what feels like a lifetime of mayhem, Simon Ellice returns to the Hampshire village where he grew up. He enjoys the solace and tranquillity of rural life, working on a farm and getting to know the lively locals, but ...

On top of receiving a year’s subscription to NB magazine, we will send a handpicked, gift-wrapped book each month of the year.

On top of receiving a year’s subscription to NB magazine, we will send a handpicked, gift-wrapped book each month of the year. Our expert book-pickers will endeavour to select the very best titles, but if you would like to give us a nudge, you're welcome to let us know a few of your favourite genres!

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Cosy up with our Christmas Issue this winter – which also happens to be our 20th Anniversary Issue!

Guest edited by Cathy Rentzenbrink, our latest books magazine also includes our Big Christmas Quiz, lead interview with Bernhard Schlink and translator Charlotte Collins, a Roddy Doyle Retrospective and much more!

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