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Interview with Dorien Brouwers, author of Sail

“Life is far too amazing and magical to play small” Our Spring issue was illustrated by the brilliant and hugely talented Dorien Brouwers. NB’s Designer, Rob Garraway, was delighted to speak to Dorien about her inspiration, her latest book, and her recommended reads. 1) What inspired you to write SAIL? Life, I suppose, and all ...

NB Recommends: Interview with Naoise Dolan

This Spring, we are delighted to include Naoise Dolan’s Exciting Times is our Featured Recommendation. Alice was lucky enough to ask Naoise about the novel and her writing process. Here is an extract of the interview… (to read the full interview, subscribe to NB Magazine). What was the initial inspiration for Exciting times, and when ...

Interview: Michael Farris Smith Talks to NB about his new novel Nick.

This year saw the end of copyright on one of the most iconic works of twentieth century American literature, The Great Gatsby. Although, it wasn’t well received or understood in 1925 when first published. Like all great books though it’s struck a chord with readers down the decades since, and, perhaps, has meant different things ...

NB Recommends: The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

We are delighted to present NB’s Recommendation for the month of February: the chilling and atmospheric Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse. To kick off our month-long celebration of The Sanatorium (we’ll be posting every Friday, so keep your eyes peeled) Paul Burke spoke to Sarah Pearse about the inspiration behind her outstanding debut. Questions by Paul ...

The Snow and the Works on the Northern Line by Ruth Thomas

At first, I wrongly suspected a touch of Bridget Jones themes with academic undertones in this novel.  However, the author has a crafted a completely different style that engages excellently with the sometimes over used theme of ‘single woman is dumped and then life spirals out of control.’ But where others have failed often appallingly ...

On top of receiving a year’s subscription to NB magazine, we will send a handpicked, gift-wrapped book each month of the year.

On top of receiving a year’s subscription to NB magazine, we will send a handpicked, gift-wrapped book each month of the year. Our expert book-pickers will endeavour to select the very best titles, but if you would like to give us a nudge, you're welcome to let us know a few of your favourite genres!

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The Resilience Issue

Introducing our ‘Resilience’ issue, where we are thanking books and bookshops for helping us to navigate the storm!

Featuring a stunning cover by Dorien Brouwers, whose book Sail is available to pre-order now, published by Little Brown Young Readers.

This issue features a Bookshop Tour of the UK, a lead interview with Maggie O’Farrell, the Blogger’s Book Prize shortlist and more!

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