What an intriguing tagline this book has. What would possess a woman to give a baby to a stranger on a train platform and then jump in front of a train. That’s what Morgan Kincaid finds herself wondering after Nicole Markham does that exact thing.

Morgan is a woman who is recovering after a traumatic time. She’s lost her husband but more than that, she’s dealing with the mess he left behind. When she’s given the baby she is taken aback but she’s also always wanted a child of her own and so for a split second she revels in the possibilities.

There’s more to all this than meets the eye. What is the link between Morgan and Nicole? Morgan can’t think of any link at all. She sets about trying to find out more, especially when she finds herself suspected of pushing Nicole in front of the train.

This is a relatively short book at 288 pages but it’s got a lot packed into it. We see Nicole before the incident and Morgan afterwards in alternating chapters which really help to bring the threads together. I really liked how Morgan’s findings tied in with the lead up to Nicole’s death.

Woman on the Edge is a story that is fast paced and full of tension. I did see the outcome from a mile off but I still enjoyed getting there and seeing if I was correct. Thinking back, I’m not sure the reason for what happened was quite as fully explained as I would have expected though. I did enjoy this book a lot. I found it quite gripping and sad really, about two women dealing with serious issues not exactly of their making.

Nicola Smith, Short Book and Scribes, 4/3

Woman on the Edge by Samantha M. Bailey
Headline 9781472264640 pbk Nov 2019