Wildly funny but also hugely informative ‘history of body parts’.

Kay’s debut made huge waves last year with his on-the-nose, warts-and-all, laugh-out-loud look at doctoring in the UK. Following it up with this second medical-themed look at our bodies, he again taps into the curious side of readers while hitting their funny bone (pun intended) with his own easy humour, which is more than tempered by Mark Watson’s addition as questioner/sidekick.

Covering the body part by part, each section gives us the history of the organ, how it has been medically treated, and the future for it. It’s completely fascinating stuff.

Bringing his own experiences to the (operating) table, Adam Kay easily summarises thousands of years of medical advances (or otherwise), making this a Horrible Medical Histories for grown-ups with a lot of moments that made me explode with laughter.

As a species, we’ve made a lot of mistakes when examining our own bodies, and here they all are, for us to cringe at.

Adored the chatty tone and podcast feel of this, it’s a wonderful listen and I intend to revisit it in the future. Kay is as easy to listen to as he is to read, and I’d recommend this highly to anyone who enjoys learning about the human body, or indeed history.

Katy Noyes 5/5

What Seems to be the Problem? by Adam Kay and Mark Watson
Audible Studios B07VMNP1JH audiobook Aug 2019