Review by Anna Elliot

Publisher: Eye Books   July 2021

ISBN: 978-1785632846  PB

Jan is bored with living in Fishton. He dreams of travelling the world but has an unsuccessful start when his first attempt to stow away on a fishing boat brings him straight back to Fishton.

On his return Jan makes a lasting friendship with Nigel (otherwise known as Hylad) who promises to take him travelling and they set sail to Norway. On reaching dry land Jan meets pickpocket (Lady)Jan who promptly steals his passport and his heart.

Jan meets many heart-warming characters as he journeys across Russia, India and Goa along with many animals that each have a story to tell.

I loved the unlikely friendships that Jan made and the funny predicaments that he found himself in. The quirky characters are cleverly interwoven throughout the story and I felt warmed by Joan’s faith that fate would reunite him with LadyJan.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining, charming story.