This is a great pick! It’s a non-fiction book about the author’s time as a submariner on a nuclear submarine during the Cold War. It’s very readable and so informative. It’s an enjoyable read and written really accessibly.

It’s not for the faint-hearted though as there are graphic mentions of sex and bodily substances of all kinds. There is also a lot of bad language.

But if that isn’t a problem for you, then dive in! I am not the biggest non-fiction reader, so I am picky. The one thing I want most out of my non-fiction is readability, and Under Pressure has this in spades. I highly recommend it, especially for reluctant non-fiction readers, like me.

Melanie Jayne Ashford 4/2

Under Pressure: Living Life and Avoiding Death on a Nuclear Submarine by Richard Humphreys
Mudlark 9780008313050 hbk Sep 2019