Anything that can help to make life more productive and to do things for the better is always a welcomed idea. Books that propose to have the tools to help you do this are enticing, but can they make the difference? The idea that small changes lead to bigger and better things sounds pragmatic and do’able.

To give this book credit, it has a very easy reading style. It is up beat with lots of real-life applied examples and the approaches are supported by diagrams and tools to promote the positive behaviours required.

As with most self-help books it is peppered with fluff – superfluous wording that puffs up the word count. Notwithstanding, people respond to different approaches: examples, motivational words, pictures, summaries, exercises. This book has them all, my view is that even accounting for this more could have been stripped back to make for more efficient reading time.

Essentially, the theory is that you need a prompt, some motivation to change and the development of a quick habit as the core ingredients to effect change. Change is a practiced habit so needs to be achieved and embedded (more often than not) before being able to readily expand the volume or intensity. We all have good and bad habits so it’s looking at what we do and when, as well as triggers or barriers to modifying the habit to overcome or include it for the better.

The proof needs to be in the pudding and so you can use things such as the recipe cards to identify the anchor to your habit, the tiny habit to work around this and the recognition of a momentary celebration to emotionally hardwire the emotion to the habit. There are some really good practical examples and it can probably help a good number of people. It offers food for thought, everyday awareness re current habits and the opportunity to do something about the habits. Bite-size steps are always the easier route to wholesale change. Fogg comes across as sincerely wanting you to achieve.

Sara Garland 3*

Tiny Habits The Small Changes That Change Everything by BJ Fogg
Virgin Books 9780753553237 pbk Dec 2019