Amy has had to use a wheelchair since an accident took away the use of her legs. A petrolhead, she loves fast cars and her best friend, inventor Rahul, ‘souping up’ her new electric wheelchair should be a dream come true. But her Dad won’t like it… so Amy decides to travel to convince him to allow her to keep the Taylor Turbochaser… the problem is, he lives hundreds of miles away…

The story takes Amy and a small coterie of friends on a road trip around the country, avoiding parents and police, as they use their skills and wits to navigate and overcome a succession of minor difficulties on their way to Amy’s father.

We listened to this in the car as an Audible audiobook. Baddiel narrates with actors taking on the roles of the cast. We did enjoy listening, but some of the audio quality was poor, some voices were hard to hear and quiet while the narrator remained loud and clear. It was just about possible to hear it all, but the volume was not consistent. I would still recommend the format for the story (some good voices that brought the young characters to life, some silly/stereotyped accents for the adults) but it needs adjusting.

Baddiel always brings his target market stories with humour and likeable characters, here a girl in a wheelchair is given life and made into someone you’d want to be friends with. He also gives us a warm family aspect that may bring a lump to the throat of adults reading/listening.

For ages 7-12.

Katy Noyes 4*

The Taylor Turbochaser by David Baddiel
HarperCollins Children’s Books B07XFG1HFB audiobook Oct 2019