This is an impressive collection of stories written by children aged between 10 and 13 years and originally published in “Stone Soup Magazine”. The theme of the collection is family and I loved not only the heartfelt creativity these young people brought to their writing, but the fact that under this “umbrella” a whole range of families, and family situations, is included. There are happy families, broken families, extended families, bereaved families, blended families, adoptive families, to name just some! Within these families there are stories about good times, difficult times, holidays, sibling relationships, relationships with parents, grandparents, carers, dealing with illness and death, bereavement, moving to a new home, emigration, friendships etc. The children express a whole range of emotions as they tell their stories and try to make sense of the world they inhabit – they share their joy, their anger, their jealousy, their confusion, their unhappiness, their capacity for love etc. I felt very impressed by the maturity of the insights they brought to all their reflections and, by the time I read the final story, I was left with a feeling that the future of the written word is in good hands!

Linda Hepworth 4*

The Stone Soup Book of Family Stories
Children’s Art Foundation 9780894090608 pbk Nov 2018