Years ago, Lelle’s daughter went missing from a bus stop in a remote part of Northern Sweden. Haunted by guilt and grief, he trawls the area every night looking for her, convinced she is alive out there somewhere.

It’s an insular town, where most people know your business. So the arrival of Meja and her daughter coming to live with ‘Pornbjorn’ doesn’t go unnoticed either. Soon, Meja and Lelle’s lives become disturbingly intertwined.

Dark, atmospheric and with a sense of impending doom, there is a pensive feel from the start. Both the dialogue and the translation are really good. The scenic descriptions are captivating and set a powerful yet beautiful image in your mind. The memorable characters are far from ordinary and their development is steady and immersive, such that it is hard to recognise this as a debut novel.

Not too long a read, delivered via a steady to fast pace that hooks you in from the first page. The latter chapters lead to a solid ending that also leaves an after burn. Likely to be a very popular read – good for reading in one or two sittings! Anyone that enjoys Scandi crime fiction will enjoy this.

Sara Garland 5/4

The Silver Road by Stina Jackson
Corvus 9781786497307 hbk Mar 2019