Tim Marshall has written another book based on the Geography and Politics of several nations. I thought this might well be one of those dry tomes that tells us of how many Apples a nation exports, or how many tons of Wheat their farmers yield, but no, this is a wonderful expose instead.

      ‘ The Power of Geography’ ‘Ten Maps That Reveal The Future Of Our World’ is the latest book by Marshall, and stands as the sequel to his book ‘Prisoners Of Geography’. He has written other books, and on the strength of reading this one, I fully intend to read others.

      Each chapter has a cleverly constructed, well-researched, potted history of the nation, certainly with enough detail to grip the reader. The history also uses each nations geographic layout to further enhance the telling of its formation, and subsequent political history.

      Australia, the chapter that opens the book, began really with convicts, then details how the country opened up to the strictly selected populace, how it became an access for others, when the two world wars ended, Australia then encouraged people to emigrate and swell the coffers of progress. It all makes a fascinating journey of reading.

      As each nation is scrutinised the same way, little remembered news items are bought forward, and take their place in the history. How the peoples were affected, how the politics got warped and twisted over the years. Details of how insurrection, terrorism, political corruption all play their part as the insane tentacles spread far and wide, radically forming the countries stories.

      Every page of this book is well worth reading; despite the facts that can get somewhat depressing in total, but ultimately the book carries with it a lesson for the future such as we can visualise today. The final chapter has Space as its title; I read it, and it does not bode well for the future if the current malevolence and discord continues.

Review by Reg Seward

Published by Elliott & Thompson Ltd; 1st edition (22 April 2021)
Hardback, ISBN 978-1783965373