The Postcard continues the story of Maya and ‘Train Man’ (James) after the previous book, The Note, told us how they met and their romance. The couple decide to go travelling for a year and this centres on the countries they visit. Will being away test their relationship as both couples give up their jobs and mobile phones for a year?

Nena, Maya’s best friend, is knee deep in nappies and being a new mum and stepmum while her friend is travelling the world. Nena keeps up with Maya via her column, which is now called ‘My Travels with Train Man’.

I loved The Note and I was so pleased to see another book had been written to continue Maya and James’ relationship and what happens next. This is a wonderful travelogue as we embark on the couple’s journey with them, including the countries that they travel to, including a nasty sounding ‘Poo Camp’ in Thailand where the pair are half starved with clay shakes and herbs to detox all in the name of Maya’s next article!

The characters are likeable, this isn’t just a story of the pair but also of their friends and family back home, plus an intriguing side story of a missing girl in Thailand. There’s lots to like about the book, which is an easy read. As ever with Maya, it’s not always plain sailing and someone from her past makes an appearance which could upset the bubble that she has created with James.

If you’re feeling the chill here in the UK as winter’s around the corner, pick this up for a piece of summer! I loved it and would heartily recommend reading it!

The Postcard by Zoe Folbigg
Aria 9781788549875 pbk Aug 2019