Reviewer: Sara Boorman

Independently published July 2021 (Printed by Amazon)

ISBN: 979-8546797287     PB

The Pod Tower is science fiction that is set in the near future, 2057 to be precise. Pete Alexander
paints a bleak and disturbing picture of how all our lives might be in just a few years.
The human race’s obsession with technology and consumerism will dictate how our society is
controlled. Like the cover of the book everything is pervasively grey in this future world: grey
drinks, grey architecture and grey lives.

The story is about an outsider to this society who is forced to re-enter a dystopian and rampantly
technological city in order to save his addicted son who is badly in need of his help.
The author presents us here with a living conspiracy theory of days to come very much based on
what is happening in the world at the moment.

This is a well told science fiction novel with believable characters that is both fascinating and disturbing.

The story really sticks in your mind and it shines a completely different light on some of the things we do every day

and very much take for granted. This is not just a story for fans of science fiction, I think it would suit a much wider
audience. I personally enjoyed reading this very much indeed and finished it very quickly so I highly recommend it.