The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock is a delightful story, quirky and moving.

Oliver Clock is the third generation in his family’s funeral parlour business. He doesn’t like change or disorder, and struggles with relationships. He’s been in love with Marie, the florist who supplies the flowers for the funerals, for years but she’s married. Even if that marriage doesn’t always seem happy, he doesn’t feel in a position to do anything about his feelings. Until one day it’s too late and Oliver realises he could have had it all after all.

I loved Oliver. I thought he was a fabulous creation. He’s awkward and spends a lot of time making resolutions that don’t really come to anything. But during this story he goes on such a journey of discovery about himself and his life, and his resolutions start to mean something to him. I really enjoyed the other characters in the book too such as his mother, Doreen, Jean who is the administrator at the funeral parlour, Edie who he meets in the course of his work, and his best friend, Andy. Each one helps to make this a very endearing read.

I often found myself giggling at Oliver, the way he behaved, the things he came out with and the situations he found himself in. Setting his story in the serious environment of a funeral parlour was a stroke of genius on the part of the author as it mixes death with life in the most brilliant way. It’s a really easy book to read and so engaging, and I was really hopeful that Oliver would find a greater peace within himself by the end.

This is such a heartwarming, lovely read. I found it a pleasure to read. In the style of one of Oliver’s resolutions: thou shalt enjoy it!

Nicola Smith, Short Book and Scribes 4/4*

The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock by Jane Riley
978-1542008143 Lake Union at Amazon Publishing pbk/ebook February 2020