This is a beautiful and inspiring little book offering motivation and hope for the darker cold days, especially if, like myself, you suffer from seasonal effective disorder or the winter blues. The book offers a delightful poetic prose and meditation to ease us through the seasons and to bring light to the end of a dark tunnel.

The author offers a very honest account of how he sometimes has to battle with the blues and how his mood is often down in nature, and he takes us on a very personal journey when reading this book. He should be praised for being so open about his feelings as all too often we don’t admit to how we are really feeling or would be wary of admitting that we were suffering as a result of the seasons. He also offers some practical advice about how he copes, which others may find helpful.

If you enjoy Matt Haig’s writing then I would recommend reading this.

Helen Appleby 4*

The Light in the Dark by Horatio Clare
Elliott & Thompson 9781783964628 pbk Oct 2019