Reviewer: Sheila Grant

Publisher: Headline Review   20th January 2022 

ISBN:78-1472271204  HB

          An impressively constructed tale, and a gripping read from start to finish. At the heart of the book are two feisty women. with more in common than is initially revealed.

          In the 1960s when still a student Ellie leaves her comfortable home to join Activists fighting  in the Civil Right movement to gain freedom and rights to black people. This results in her being alienated from her friends and family but with courage she took risks that endangered her live at  a time when white could not walk with black never mind form any sort of alliance or friendship.North Carolina was a hot bed of the Klu Klux Klan who took no prisoners, stopping at nothing to prevent black people living freely with in contact with whites.

          The historical background is well documented and uncomfortable reading.

Moving forward to 2020 we meet Kayla who is in the final stages of seeing her dream house complete, but sadly, her husband who co-designed this magnificent home died in a freak accident on the site.  He died in a freak accident on site.

There are whispers that the place is unlucky and when a rather sinister unidentified woman, visits Kayla at work with veiled threats of what would happen if she went ahead and moved in to the house Kayla becomes afraid and uncertain. She receives anonymous phone calls and finds dead animals and rubbish left around the grounds.

Why is she being warned against living there? Are the threats aimed at her or the house?

Greeting her nearest neighbours who have lived in their house for over 60 years she finds them less than welcoming and reticent about the area.  Could it be them who do not want her there?  Are they hiding something from Kayla?

This is a great page turner with all the  ingredients of a rattling good read, and enough history to provoke discussion.