The Lantern Men – When the legend becomes real!

Elly Griffiths, one of the most underrated suspense writers in the UK at the moment, in my opinion. Yes, she writes the cliched page turner, but her thrillers draw you in, keep you guessing and leaves you deeply satisfied at the end. Elly Griffiths writing makes you ravenous for more and with her Dr Ruth Galloway series, is like drinking the best champagne, you always want more.

Ruth Galloway has moved from NNU to teach at Cambridge, and has moved in with Frank, while renting out her own home in Norfolk. She sometimes misses Norfolk, but she does love the job she has at Cambridge and it is always a pleasure to teach there. She does miss being North Norfolk Police’s resident forensic archaeologist but sees DCI Nelson often enough as they have Kate’s upbringing to think about.

When a convicted killer taunts DCI Nelson that he will tell him where the other bodies are, but with the condition that Ruth leads the dig, Nelson has to request her help. Wary Ruth agrees to the dig and finds three bodies, not the two that she was expecting. She notices that there are some discrepancies with the third body.

With another body turning up, the team begin questioning the evidence they have and see where it leads. Ivor March admits happily to murdering one person, but he maintains his innocence about those he has been convicted of. As the investigation continues, Ruth does not realise how close to danger she is, but she has to hope that things fall into place for Nelson to come to her aid.

Elly Griffiths really does know how to write a suspense thriller, with plenty of twists and turns. She also leaves plenty of clues throughout the book pointing to who the culprit may be. It is only when she reveals the killer that the clues fall into place. Griffihs really knows how to engage with the reader and this is one of the reason I love recommending all her books.

Paul Diggett 5/5*

The Lantern Men by Elly Griffiths
9781787477544 Headline quercus Hardback February 2020