Having kept a journal myself for over 40 years, I jumped at the opportunity to review this new publication and can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations! This beautifully presented, well-structured book is equally aimed at the complete novice and the seasoned journaller who is looking to experiment with some new techniques. The writing style is clear and engaging and the inclusion of photographs, illustrations, prompts and quotes from the text makes it easy to engage with.

The author is an experienced writer, coach and therapist and describes this as a ‘book of ideas, techniques and suggestions, and a complete reference source…’. It is based upon the principles of positive psychology and aims to help the reader achieve better results and more success in every area of their life. It highlights the wide-ranging benefits of journaling, making links with mindfulness, its use in therapy and for personal, academic and professional development.

Although this publication could be read from cover to cover, alternatively you can just dip in and focus on specific topics which are of most relevance to you at the time. A flow chart in the introductory section, suggests a range of different possible starting points. One of the sections which I found particularly interesting outlined a number of modern writing techniques such as bullet journaling; daily pages; art journaling; life writing and legacy journals. Some of the additional elements include list curation, travel journaling and the use of tarot or oracle cards as journal prompts. If you’ve never written a journal before, advice is provided as to how to get started, including two simple methods – ‘Brain dump’ and ‘Scribble journallng’.

So, in conclusion, I would thoroughly recommend this book as an inspiration to all would-be and experienced journal writers!

Hilary Whorrall 5*

The Journal Writer’s Companion by Alyss Thomas
Exisle Publishing 9781925820041 hbk Sep 2019