If you’re fancying something, gritty, taut and compelling, this book should do the trick nicely. It centres on the jury members that 10 years ago had found a defendant of murder not guilty. The case was so big that all of them were left affected in some way.

Maya is the protagonist who had swayed the other jury members, (just like in the film 12 Angry Men), and who had then gone on to become a successful defence lawyer. Only things are due to change as the case raises its head again – Rick, one of the jurors, is suggesting he has come across evidence that challenges the acquittal and he wants to bring the jury back together in the most sensational way…

The writing is incredibly confident and compelling. Maya is a very likeable and respectable character, with a good heart. Each of the jurors play a significant part that supports rather than crowds the story as everyone’s back story and views come to light. All have flaws. Some are more complex and layered than others. Then one of the jurors is killed and they pull together to solve the matter once again.

Whilst an extremely well written book that flows well, and has lots of good twists and turns, which I must say had me gripped most of the way through. The latter third of the book then became just a bit too contrived and moved from being entirely believable to hard to swallow. Whilst ingenious and still entertaining it meant the quality dropped and why I dropped a star. Notwithstanding this, it is an exceptionally high quality read than I would encourage be read.

Sara Garland 4/5*

The Holdout by Graham Moore
9781409196792 Orion ebook Feb 2020