An intriguing debut, not what I expected from the front cover and the first few chapters. I thought this might a chick lit story and at first it appeared to be so. However, the mysterious changes in the plot soon began and were unexpected.

The plot revolves around Alex Moore and her change in personality from little mouse to powerful woman (with doubts).

The book has a dramatic start, which is immediately gripping, with the death of an unknown person. The plot then moves on to outlining the initial characters and the parts they play, this part of the story is as I expected, but then the the feel of the book changes.

Intriguing threads switch from real life to more fantastical themes. My interest grew as the twists in the plot took Alex through a strange and mysterious world.

The characters were well written and easily visualised with detailed descriptions of appearance and place. Alex Moore’s character developed to show an inner strength as she tackled the many challenges put before her.

The ending proved to be a final twist which led to a satisfying conclusion. I believe that the door may be open for a sequel.

Linda Ryley 4/3

The Charmed Life of Alex Moore by Molly Flatt
Macmillan 9781509854523 hbk May 2019