This is a true story originally published in 2007. So why a third paperback edition this year? Well film rights have been sold.

“There is a perception of idiocy when a person has been deceived by someone they love and trust.” Be it young attractive men that older women meet on foreign sun- soaked beaches, or as in this book, a man who is love bombing you and proposing after a month – it all seems a bit beyond belief, doesn’t it?

The author writes a memoir of her marriage to a conman and bigamist and finds herself one amongst many women deceived alongside blackmail, guns, violence and tales of espionage that even get as far as Westminster.

Mary was a single mother in the UK when she decided to try the new online dating experience (year 2000). She’d given up trying to find Mr Right but instead met Will Jordan (decidedly to become Mr Wrong) an American living and working in the UK. Yet here he was, tall, good looking, his own business in IT and worldly travelled, yet pitching up on her doorstep after some intense email/phone liaisons. He may have proposed after a month but during the 2 year engagement, little things started to crop up: disappearing for periods of time; borrowing ‘some’ money, and even being arrested on a ‘misunderstanding’ that led to criminal charges.

I watched a couple of videos of Mary (two appearances on the ‘Good Morning’ sofa) firstly in 2007 with long hair and a new book and more recently in May this year – short hair and well turned out and alongside her ‘daughter by Will.’ Oh – did I forget to mention that he also said he was infertile?  That never stacked up as latest count is 13 children by various women across the world.

I am not being cynical – which I had to admit I was at the beginning -because Mary is a sensible, bright woman who clearly states where the fault lines could be placed and how that fateful call to tell her ‘I am the other Mrs Jordan’ made the whole thing unravel. She has to be brave to do all this in public as I think many would just curl up in a ball and remain silent. I am also more convinced because it happened to a friend of mine, admittedly not to this extreme extent involving international crime and deception, but to a point where a double life had gone on for years.

The book is well written, and you are left to make your own decisions on how it went wrong and ‘could it have happened to me?’  As a personal read it was intriguing to see the whole story unravel as I don’t usually like these reveal all types of memoir. Will Mr Jordan ever get to tell his side of the story?   It’d make a great film…. Oh of course it’s going to be one!  Book groups will have lots to discuss and lots of views I bet on Mary too!

Personal read   3
Group read      4

Amazon Publishing UK   Imprint of Amazon Publishing   Paperback Published 15 September 2020
ISBN  978-1-5420-2496-9