Anthony Tucker-Jones has written an interesting account of the Battle for Arnhem using original archive pictures, most taken by the British 1st Airborne Division. These images have proven over the years to be iconic and helped to explain and define the battle. This year will mark the 75th anniversary and commemoration of the battle.

The only complaint I do have is that the Polish Independent Parachute Regiment do not get a real mention. Especially as Monty would blame them for the failure of this mission, and the Poles never forgave him for it. History has shown, as does this book, that Monty ignored intelligence of the Panzer Division that was at Arnhem. The Americans also opposed the operation even though they did take part. The reason I point this out is that all the British Paratroopers were trained at Ringway Airport, Manchester, by the Polish Paratroopers. My grandfather was one of the instructors who took part in Operation Market Garden.

What I do like about this book, along side many of the photographs, is the excellent commentary from Tucker-Jones. He has placed this book in the wider context of the war and the push for Berlin. He also concentrates on the counter attacks the Germans undertook when defending Arnhem. At the same time, there are some interesting pictures of the POWs.

What he does show is that the intelligence failures had not made it clear that the Waffen-SS Panzer divisions involved, the 9th and 10th Divisions, whether they were at full strength. At the same time, the Panzer divisions also had their own grenadiers that were battle hardened and very experienced soldiers. Many of the Waffen-SS would fight to the death rather than surrender, thereby making it hard for many of the Allied forces, some of whom were not as experienced on the battlefield.

This is an excellent book and well worth reading.

Paul Diggett 5/5

The Battle for Arnhem 1944-1945 by Anthony Tucker-Jones
Pen & Sword Military 9781526730015 pbk Apr 2019