I really enjoyed this rollicking, fast-paced, historical adventure story. The setting is Paris in 1789, revolution is in the air. The heroine is Attica, the daughter of Lord Morgan and (probably) an African princess captured by slave traders, who comes to England as a child. As her uncle is something important in English Intelligence, she has been trained as a spy and become involved as an agent for the Secret Service of the time.

The plot concerns a stolen necklace belonging to Marie Antoinette, an intrigue to get it back to Versailles in order to discredit the French King and Queen and stir up revolution amongst the ordinary people.

Attica makes a dashing and appealing heroine and there are many twists and turns, daring escapes and dangerous adventures all adding up to a great, engaging read. The historical background is very well done with thrilling descriptions of the events leading up to the storming of the Bastille and an insight into the machinations of Robespierre and Revolutionary politics.

Believable? Well, possibly not, but it doesn’t matter when you are being swept along by the exhilarating story, by brave Attica and her pirate captain companion, and by the hazardous events and fervid atmosphere. Great fun!

Berwyn Peet 5/4

The Bastille Spy by C.S. Quinn
Corvus 9781786498427 hbk Aug 2019