February 24, 2020

My Sister, the Serial Killer

Reviewed by Laura J Roach at Roachie’s Reviews

Atlantic Books (Sept 19)
ISBN: 978-1786495983

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“The writing is exceptional; it entices you in like an insect to a Venus flytrap and there is no escape until it is done with you…”

– Roachie’s Reviews

My Sister, the Serial killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

Like a lot of siblings, Korede and Ayoola are very different. Korede is meticulous, clean, organised, and predictable. Ayoola is chaotic, impulsive, messy, and dangerous. She’s also a serial killer.

But what makes Korede keep covering up for her sister’s brutal murders which she claims are the result of self-defence?

My Sister the Serial Killer is bewitching. The narrative changes between the present time and Korede and Ayoola’s childhood. As their childhood progressively unravels before us questions arise around their motives and whether Korede is a reliable protagonist.

There are no big plot twists, just gradual revelations that make you question what you think you know and exposes the truth that there is no accounting for the complexity of the human psyche. This is what elevates My Sister the Serial Killer from a ‘book’ to a ‘work of art’.

The writing is exceptional; it entices you in like an insect to a Venus flytrap and there is no escape until it is done with you. It might seem a bit wrong, but it is also funny in a darkly comedic way. It is dry but also appalling, you will be shocked that you are laughing at its taboo contents.

Deeply disturbing, bizarre, and packed full of wit, My Sister, the Serial Killer cannot be underestimated. Take a deep breath and enter the stunning world created by Oyinkan Braithwaite.

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