February 24, 2020

Things in Jars

Reviewed by Amanda Chatterton at Bookish Chat

Canongate Books (April 19)
ISBN: 978-1786893765

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My name is Amanda and I’m a northern bookworm.  I set my blog up just over 2 years ago and currently review books and write discussion posts once or twice weekly.  I have had an innate love of reading since being small and one of my most treasured pastimes is reading and sharing the book love!  I think I am most known for my love of dark, gothic historical fiction and my penchant for a quirky short story collection.  I have had many high points in my blogging ‘career’ but most notably was getting the opportunity to be a shadow judge for the Sunday Times Young Writer Of The Year Award in 2018. This was an amazing experience and I felt very honoured to have been selected.  I have made many close friends during my time blogging and shouting about great books and I can truly say I’ve found my crew in other amazing book bloggers!

Long may the book love continue!

“I have gone on record as saying that this book is my only ever six star read – a bold statement but entirely true!”

– Bookish Chat

Things in Jars by Jess Kidd

How could I not champion Things in Jars by Jess Kid?! I have gone on record as saying that this book is my only ever six star read – a bold statement but entirely true! In Things in Jars we meet our protagonist, an all-round kick-ass heroine, Bridie Devine (what a name)! It is London in the late 1800’s and Bridie, somewhat of a detective, takes up the case of missing little girl Christabel Berwick, daughter of Sir Edmund Berwick.

Christabel is no ordinary child and seems to have an irresistible value to certain underhand swarthy characters. Bridie must figure out exactly who Christabel is and why she is so sought after by the dark underworld of curiosity hunters, anatomists, resurrectionists and the like. Along with her various allies and contacts, Bridie sets out to crack the case and rescue Christabel, a girl with a price on her head.

The characters are so expertly written that they leap out of the book – so vivid and entertaining!  Even the smaller ‘bit part’ characters such as prison guards are so full of life. The little humorous exchanges, the perfectly scripted dialogue! I could wax lyrical for days!

Bridie is my favourite female protagonist in any book I’ve read. She is pragmatic, methodical, fearless and willing to do anything to find answers. She’s shrewd, gutsy, sharp, intelligent and just… well she’s just AWESOME!

Jess Kidd is a master storyteller and you should vote for this sublime joy of a book!

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