Review by Ben MacNair

It is an old story, but with modern complications. Boy meets girl. Boy meets another girl, and then another, and a few more, he wants to get his money’s worth from the internet dating site he has joined.

When your self worth depends on the importance that other people place on a handful of photos, and some pithy, enticing words about who you are, and what you are looking for, people are in danger of becoming commodities.

This is a book that is full of humour, it goes at a cracking pace, the main characters are all well-drawn, believable, and relatable. Danny’s mother is ill, and this concentrates his mind on finding a partner, the type of girl he can take home to his mum, but who will also impress his friends, who won’t be put of by anything about him. As Danny keeps swiping, and meeting more and more people, taking him further away from the sedate, and peaceful life he used to have, his own life becomes more and more complicated.

Swiped out is not just a romantic story, and it has elements that are of a decidedly adult nature. This is not a book for any one of a nervous disposition, but it all adds to a narrative that zips along at quite a pace.

The relationship between Danny, his Mother and his brother, who is having difficulties of his own are very well described. The romantic entanglements that he faces as well as the touching relationship he develops with Harriet are also well drawn, and although the ending, with both sad, moving pathos, and romantic fulfilment are signalled well throughout, this is a book that looks at the perils of adult relationships, family life, and jobs and careers in the modern world with a fine eye for detail, and a great way with a joke.

Publisher: PP3 (December 2019)
ISBN:9781082 054235