Black Spire is set after Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Resistance spy Vi Moradi is sent to the planet Batuu to build a resistance base. Things do not go according to plan when her spaceship crashes and she loses all her equipment. The locals are not interested in resistance and Vi just has to concentrate on surviving.

This is a kind of sequel to Phasma, as the two main characters were introduced in that novel. It is also a tie in to the latest Disney attraction, Galaxy’s Edge, and at times it shows. Certain places are described in a lot more detail than is normal in novels, places like the Cantina are obviously meant to justify what it looks like in the attraction. Some details seem to have been added in so that people look for them at the attraction.

The story is actually decent though, behind all the promotional bits there are characters that the reader cares about. I like that not everyone in the Star Wars universe wants to choose a side, that they only care about local concerns. Even one of the main characters is just along for the ride and has not really chosen the Resistance, he’s just not chosen the First Order. I think the author has done a really good job considering the constraints she was obviously given. The little team that is assembled in this novel is interesting, and I suspect a sequel will be in the works.

Black Spire is quite a standalone novel despite this, and only knowledge of the new films is needed to understand the context of the story. The reader does not need to have read Phasma to enjoy this novel; however, if interested in the back stories of the two main characters, it is a really good read. This novel was a lot better than I was expecting considering the promotional aspect of it. Black Spire is a good read, the characters are likeable and in the end, the reader cares about what happens.

Angela Finch 4*

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Black Spire by Delilah S Dawson
Century 9781780899909 hbk Aug 2019