So Lucky is the first time I have experienced Dawn O’Porter’s writing and so I had no idea what to expect. What I got was an absolutely brilliant read, searing in its honesty.

The story focuses on three women, Beth, Ruby and Lauren. Beth seems to have it all. She’s a successful wedding planner, happily married with a new baby. Ruby clearly has issues right from the beginning but she’s feisty and in control, isn’t she? And Lauren is living the perfect life, posting her perfect pictures on Instagram and looking forward to her perfect wedding to the perfect man. Of course, nothing is as it seems and that is the overriding message behind this book. Nobody’s life is perfect and everybody is dealing with their own demons.

Beth’s life is far from ideal. Her husband won’t touch her anymore and she’s juggling a stressful job with trying to deal with the fact she’s left her baby at home to do so. Ruby is dealing with a condition that affects every single thing she does, including her relationship with her daughter. And Lauren is living her life in the public eye but she’s feeding the people who follow her an image of herself that isn’t real.

So Lucky is an incredibly relevant and current story. We all compare ourselves constantly with others, almost always unfavourably. I found Ruby’s career as a photoshopper (if that’s the right expression) fascinating as she is facilitating the image of perfection by airbrushing out imperfections yet she knows that it’s completely wrong and not really the message she wants to give to her 3 year old daughter.

This is the most fabulous story. O’Porter writes very close to the bone and frankly she’s also deliciously filthy. She doesn’t hold back on anything and it’s so refreshing to witness the warts and all lives that women seem to feel they must hide. We’re all only human after all. She also writes an incredibly funny story and the book is riddled with the kind of humour I enjoy. I loved how the three individual stories were all following their own paths and I wondered how they would converge. When they did it was in a clever and extremely unexpected way. I also really liked how each woman went on her own journey to come out the other side stronger than ever.

I cannot praise this book highly enough. It’s a book about women for women about the power of the female of the species. I think I need to check out The Cows as I just loved O’Porter’s writing style.

Nicola Smith, Short Book and Scribes, 5/5

So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter
HarperCollins 9780008126070 hbk Oct 2019