This is a great contemporary whodunit mystery thriller where we start out reading a letter from the main character which indicates that if you are reading this, she has already died. As she talks to us she alludes to the fact that there are seven potential individuals we need to concern ourselves with; she is sure one of them is the killer.

The story then takes us back to three months before Anna’s death when she is involved in an RTC. It results in a couple of her colleagues dying. Whilst she recovers from her injuries, she is unable to sleep, haunted by what has happened. Despite a lorry driver being charged with dangerous driving, not all think Anna is without blame and she receives strange notes left on her car that insidiously threaten and unsettle her.

Shortly afterwards, she splits up with her boyfriend and moves to a remote Scottish island to give herself the chance to recover and re-discover herself. Working in a hotel it seems she has made the right decision. Learning about Anna, she comes across as a bright, intelligent and an insightful individual. I found myself wanting her to rebuild a happy and fulfilled life and began to dread knowing that she would shortly not survive.

The book moves quickly. The bunch of people staying at the hotel are all strong characters with very flawed lives. It deals with the fact that you cannot judge people on appearances and is steeped in a mire of distrust and suspicion. The backstories of the characters make for a colourful backdrop and entertaining read. There are lots of events, twists and turns that keep the story running with good pace. There is reasonable tension, some good dry wit, lots of dialogue and the story remains engaging and entertaining throughout. You can see where the story is going, but the ending still has a  great twists.

Sara Garland 5/4

Sleep by C.L. Taylor
Avon 9780008221010 pbk Sep 2019