I really enjoyed She, a multi-stranded psychological thriller/family drama.

Ben meets Bella. He’s on the rebound from a long term relationship that has ended when she sets her sights at him one night. She’s stunningly beautiful and Ben can’t quite believe his luck. But if something seems too good to be true then it often is and Bella is a woman that gets what she wants, at whatever cost.

The story is told in four parts and in different tenses and I liked this device as a way of showing the unfolding events from different perspectives. Much of the story is more of a dark story of control, family problems and the like, rather than a traditional thriller. I do enjoy reading about family dynamics and there are plenty going on in this novel, along with a look at how friendships can change too.

I’m being careful not to give too much away. There was a real surprise at one point and I thought the author did a great job at keeping things bubbling away under the surface until she was ready to reveal them. This is quite the twisted and intense tale, with events that are often rather unpleasant to read about. The characterisations are strong and Bella in particular is a fantastic character who makes me shiver even thinking about her. Seeing into her mind was not a nice thing to do!

She is an incredibly easy and quick read, despite the dark subject matter. If you want a family led thriller that will pull you right into the heart of the action then this is perfect. I enjoyed it a lot.

Nicola Smith, Short Book and Scribes 4/4*

She by HC Warner
978-0008216986 HQ Stories ebook/pbk 23rd January 2020