I held off on writing a review of Eleanor Lipman’s Rachel to the Rescue, partially because I was too busy following the election, and partially because I was a little too scared of how that election would go. I then held off again, as the satsuma in the Whitehouse was, characteristically, throwing his toys out of the metaphorical pram. However, as things have now settled down and there seems to be a steady progression towards the passing of the baton, now felt like a good time.

Rachel to the Rescue follows Rachel Klein, a Whitehouse aid who is currently being paid to glue back together the documents which Pres. Trump has, perhaps unsurprisingly, ripped up. After a quick ‘reply all’ mistake on an email moaning about the president, Rachel is fired, and then hit by a car being driven by Trump’s Optometrist. Now, this is perhaps the only real ‘flaw’ to the novel, in that it is based on a very unlikely set of coincidences. However, it doesn’t really feel as though that matters, and if anything is pretty in keeping with the general ridiculousness of a country ran by a (very) aged Ken doll.

The book is funny, and the strange order of affairs only really adds to that. Rachel wakes up in hospital to find that she has become something of an internet celebrity, and we follow her recovery with her well-intentioned yet meddling family, roommates, and a new job with a particularly Trump-hating journalist. A slew of strange anonymous phone calls later and her accident is looking as though it may have been something a little more sinister after all.

Eleanor Lipman has done it again, this is a light-hearted yet topical read which hopefully represents a time that we will be able to look back on as somewhat of a bad dream not too far from now!

Publisher : Lightning Books (3 Nov. 2020), Paperback
ISBN-13 : 978-1785632556