Premium Subscription


How can I pay for my premium subscription?

You are able to purchase the subscription online in the NB gift shop. However, you can also email us at or phone us on 01225 302266 to pay by debit or credit card. If we are busy, please leave your name and telephone number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you purchase online, we will email you a form to complete, where you can select which category you would prefer (Fiction, Non-fiction or lucky dip), and if you want to give our expert book-pickers a nudge, you can also let us know a few of your favourite genres. The form also has a section for the gift recipients information, where the subscription was purchased as a gift.

Please also get in touch if you would like more information about the premium subscription.

When will my subscription start?

Your subscription will start as soon as your payment has been received, or if purchased online, as soon as you return the subscriber form. The first book will be sent at the end of the month in which you began your subscription. However, if you have purchased the subscription as a gift in advance, we can delay the first book being sent until the following month. You will receive 12 monthly books, and 4 quarterly NB magazines with the subscription.

Will I receive a gift card or any confirmation of my subscription?

Yes, as soon as your subscriber form has been received, we will send you a welcome letter with some more information about the subscription. This letter will also include a gift subscription card that can be given to recipients, if purchased as a gift. The welcome letter will be sent to the cardholder, unless you tick the box under the address bar, asking us to send it directly to the gift recipient.

What else do I get as part of my premium subscription?

In addition to the 12 monthly books, 4 quarterly editions of NB magazine and P&P costs for all deliveries, we are also offering discounted tickets for future NB readers events. Keep your eyes peeled for information, as we are in the process of planning a big event to celebrate our 100th edition!

What if I have already read one of the books I receive as part of my subscription?

We are confident our book-pickers will select excellent titles, and as most of them will be recent releases, we are hopeful this is unlikely to occur very often. However, if you are unhappy with our book choice, and you return the book in perfect, unread condition, subscribers are able to make a maximum of 2 exchanges out of the 12 books received as part of the subscription. All postage & packaging costs associated with the exchange of books will be borne by the subscriber, including the cost of sending the replacement book.

When will I get my first NB magazine?

If your first monthly book delivery coincides with a quarterly edition of NB magazine, you will receive your first NB magazine with your first book. If the latest edition of NB magazine is not released in the month you subscribe, you may not receive your first edition until the arrival of your second or third monthly book. You will receive 4 quarterly editions of NB magazine in total.

Is the premium subscription available outside of the UK?

Unfortunately, due to high-postage costs, the premium subscription is only available in the UK.

Can I cancel the subscription and get a refund?

The minimum period for each subscription is 12 months. You can cancel your subscription up to 14 days after the payment has been received. If you inform us of your intention to cancel within 14 days, we will cancel the subscription and iissue a full refund.

In the event of a cancellation, please notify us at If you have already received the first book, please return it in mint condition to the following address:

Studio 10, Glove Factory Studios, Brook Lane, Holt, Wilts, BA14 6RL, UK.

The return postage & packaging costs shall be borne by the subscriber.