At first glance this seemed like a book that was right up my street. A psychological/domestic thriller with lots of secrets and mysterious people turning up in Sophie’s life. I wasn’t wrong – I loved it!

At the beginning of the book Sophie is happy with her life. She lives with Jonah in a house that was once her mother’s. They have a baby, Laura, and all is good. However, all that is rapidly smashed to pieces as Sophie discovers that Jonah isn’t quite all he says he is. Jonah’s dodgy dealings bring Sam and Suzie to her door, people whom she trusts and likes, but are they all they seem? Can they really be trusted? Sophie is about to go on quite a steep journey of discovery!

One thing that struck me immediately about Jean Levy’s writing was her attention to detail, the fact that she gives a lot of information about each character and what they are doing, and that was something that I particularly enjoyed. I felt able to immerse myself into Sophie’s life and follow her negotiations of the rollercoaster twists and turns her life takes as it goes from completely ordinary to bewilderingly complex.

I also really enjoyed the domestic nature of it. Whilst there are brief snippets that give clues as to what criminal activities Jonah was actually up to, this is essentially a story of how a woman gets her life back after being betrayed. I loved Sophie. At times I wanted to shake her for caring about things so much, and for being a bit reckless when she shouldn’t have been, but I thought she was actually very brave, a bit feisty and a genuinely nice person.

And then, amongst all the domestic drama, police investigations and dodgy dealings, we are treated to little bursts of humour that made me smile. Levy employs a dry wit at times that I really enjoyed.

I thought this was a brilliant read. It really thrust me into the heart of the action, I enjoyed the characterisations (particularly Sam who is just divine!) and the unfolding mystery, and it’s just a really cracking story. I definitely want to go back and read Levy’s first novel now.

Review by Nicola Smith, Short Book and Scribes

Dome Press ISBN: 978-1912534234
Paperback 10/09/2020