One Good Deed is the latest book from one of the world’s best thriller writers, David Baldacci. At the moment this is a standalone thriller, but it would be interesting to see how some of the characters develop.

Aloysius Archer has just been released from prison and has been given bus money to report to the southern town of Poca City. A place where a lot of parolees are sent to begin their new life before being able to move on. Archer served time for a crime he didn’t commit after fighting in the War. All Archer wants is the quiet life.

On his first night he meets local bigwig Hank Pittleman who gives him a job of collecting a debt from Lucas Tuttle, little does he know what he is being dragged in to. He has just placed himself in the middle of a slug fest between Pittleman and Tuttle, and neither care if anyone else is hurt in the process.

When Pittleman is murdered in his rooms at the local hotel, Archer becomes the prime suspect. Fortunately for him, Detective Shaw believes him and co-opts him to investigate what happened and find the guilty. Even when Tuttle is found murdered, Shaw believes in Archer’s innocent, not many others do though. When Shaw is found behind where Archer is living, he is arrested once again. His champion now in a coma, it does not look good for his future.

What Archer cannot compete with is the complex relationships within Poca City and the people who have decided he is a guilty man. Even his lawyer tells him to plead guilty. Archer knows the only person he can rely on is himself and goes about learning the law. Otherwise he knows he will be sentenced to death.

One Good Deed is classic Baldacci, and will have you gripped from beginning to end.

Paul Diggett 4/4

One Good Deed by David Baldacci
Macmillan 9781529027488 hbk Jul 2019