Now You See Them – A trip back into the swinging sixties

It is Brighton, 1963, Edgar Stephens is now married and been promoted to the position of superintendent and is happily married to Emma, his former detective sergeant. Emma is now a stay at home parent to their children, even though she still hankers for her days back on the job.

The funeral of an old friend and stage magician in Brighton brings back together the friends who knew him so well. Edgar Stephens and Emma are in attendance, along with many others, when his war time colleague and now international Hollywood star Max Mephisto shows, as does his daughter.

When the daughter of a Surrey Member of Parliament goes missing from Roedean School, Stephens and his team are on the case. As more people start going missing, of all ages but all female, the pressure becomes heavy upon their shoulders. Emma at the same time wishes to know more about what happened and how she can investigate the matter with her children in tow.

While in the background, Edgar Stephens also has a bank holiday invasion of mods and rockers congregating on the seafront. Both sets of young people wish to cause mayhem, drink and fight, unfortunately against each other. It is during this chaos that Stephens’ daughter is taken, possibly by the kidnapper.

As always, Elly Griffiths has written an exciting and well researched thriller that will keep you on edge from beginning to end. The Brighton mysteries are always a fun read and make a change from the usual crime novel and is very much to be welcomed. I do not know how as an author can juggle humour, murder with a mixture of nostalgia into an exciting read.

You really will enjoy this book.

Paul Diggett 4/4

Now You See Them by Elly Griffiths
Quercus 9781786487346 hbk Oct 2019