Rose has insomnia, the chronic kind that leaves a person a shell to the outside world and a person living on another planet internally, and naturally it affects many facets of her life. One day, driving across a bridge after another string of sleepless nights, she crashes, resulting in the death of one of her twins in the back seat. She falls apart, the local community distrust and unfriend her and make her life locally difficult, her husband blames her for his lost daughter and her remaining daughter is so angry with her that it breaks your heart. One night, years later, everything changes, when she picks up a journal dropped by a passerby that ran into her, only to open it up to find the first line ‘If you’re reading this, I’m dead’.

Rose makes it her mission to discover the fate of the writer of the journal. As she begins her quest to find answers, she soon realises that someone violent and dangerous really doesn’t want anyone getting involved in the man in the journal’s story. Tensions rise, you don’t know who to trust, and the bigger picture gets bigger and bigger, especially as in her state of poor sleep and depression, Rose is possibly somewhat unreliable.

Rose is a really complicated character that undergoes something of a transformation as the story goes on, a journey I loved going on with her. I had a lot of empathy for her and the horror of her situation but she is also somewhat controversial.

I haven’t read Jack Jordan before but will definitely be hunting down his back catalogue from here. This was a solid novel that delivered all the way through. From the beginning I was hooked on the idea and story and really wanted to see what happened, leading to me reading this really quickly as I couldn’t put it down. With plenty of twists and a narrative that moves at a good pace all the way through this is great for people that really want to find something accessible and, as this is a standalone novel, it delivers with no prior knowledge of characters histories.

Helen Corton 4/3

Night By Night by Jack Jordan
Corvus 9781786494429 pbk May 2019