NB Book Club Book Of The Year 2018 Shortlist

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the NB Book Club Book of the Year, selected from the exciting range of recommended reads which have been featured in the magazine over the past twelve months.

Here at NB, we love to celebrate a wide range of incredible fiction from a selection of authors. Our shortlist is diverse to say the very least, including a range of genres and settings, stretching from modern-day tales of discovery in remote Ontario to epic historical fiction in Kenya. Read on to discover the shortlist, and have your say…

A Ladder to the Sky  by John Boyne 

“this novel raises some thought-provoking points about the creative process and the ownership of ideas in a way that is thoroughly entertaining”- Phil Ramage 

“this book has speedily elevated my impression of Mr Boyne. It’s a verbally energetic piece of writing that flows and takes the reader where the reader is required to be.” Gill Chedgey 

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman 

“I find it truly remarkable that this is Gail Honeyman’s debut novel; the quality of her writing and her ability to create convincing characters is quite breath-taking at times” – Linda Hepworth 

“Most books tend to split very neatly down the line of comedy or psychological thriller, and the genres are largely independent of one another, but Gail Honeyman offers a very impressive alternative by fusing both so seamlessly”- Jade Craddock 

 Here and Gone by Haylen Beck 

“It is hard to believe that this is a debut thriller from Haylen Beck; it is so well written, draws you in and then deliverstwists and killer blows at every turn”- Paul Diggett 

“This thriller will grip the reader from the beginning until its thunderous end.”- Jane Brown 

Hummingbird by Tristan Hughes 

“This is a haunting, beautifully written story, one which will remain in my memory for a long time and which I’m sure I’ll re-read to capture again the feeling I had when I finished it – that I had just enjoyed that rare experience of reading a perfectly formed story”- Linda Hepworth 

“Set in the wilds of Ontario, Northern Canada, this is an achingly beautiful almost unbelievably descriptive story, the sights and the sounds, so real you feel as though you can actually reach out and touch the wonders of nature so expertly described”- John McCormick 


Dance of the Jacaranda by Peter Kimani 

 “This is a work of quality, beautifully written with an elegant prose style that meanders towards the poetic.” 

 “I found much of it fascinating not merely from the historical unfolding of Kenya’s history of which I was ignorant but also the structure of the novel which spins its characters in circles chronologically and offers what seem to be African tales of legend and folklore.” – Gill Chedgey 

 Grace by Paul Lynch 

“Grace is a slender story loaded with meaning and insight. It is a powerful rendering of the human spirit in adversity.”

“A truly compelling read that may feel heart-wrenching at times but is ultimately rewarding.”- Paul Burke 


 Once Upon a Time in the East by Xiaolu Guo 

“The rags to riches stories abound globally, but this particular book is a seriously difficult book to put down.” 

“The book is a wonderful experience to read, one cannot help but be inspired, interested, and in awe of her accomplishments both in qualifications and Guo’s personal life.”- Reg Seward


History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund 

“An atmospheric and intense debut from an extremely talented writer. This wonderfully refreshing novel captivated me until the last page.”- Alice Beazer 


Girl in Snow Danya Kukafka 

“Told in alternating chapters over a period of days, this slowly unwinding tale of unrequited love and jealousy had me hooked from the start.” 

“This is a poetic read which will stay with you long after you’ve finished.”- Kirsty Mackenzie 


Boy Made of Snow by Chloe Mayer 

“The fairy tale theme is remarkably well sustained- it’s a solid debut with originality”- Gill Chedgey 





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