Chosen by Katy Noyes

My book of the year? It’s almost like picking a favourite chocolate bar: I want them all! Do I go for the most moving, the funniest, the one I won’t forget, the one that may affect my life? Well, fortunately enough, this title covers all of the above.

Hysterical and tragic, Moran talks sense, sex and society. Caitlin is my spirit animal.

I finished this book in August. It’s stayed with me since. I ADORE my fellow Wulfrunian, Ms Moran: she’s the writer I aspire to be, and her way with words inspires me. For a short while I wasn’t sure at the start of this work, similar to Miranda Hart’s autobiography where the author talks to another version of herself from another time, but it soon became apparent what this device was meant to achieve. And actually, even this introduction had affected me with a recent family tragedy and Caitlin inspiring me to ‘step up’ and be the grown up. So thank you, even for that.

I should have trusted you, with the unusual structure of splitting the chapters into time periods of a day. I ended up loving this, even if we don’t all have the weekday morning ‘married time’ that Moran and Mr enjoy! It was fresh and it worked.

The author gives us not only a woman’s voice, perspective and problems. She gives both men and woman a reason to listen, and her fab-voice-for-Audible is energetic, funny and never less than galvanizing. There are plenty of points about life, sex, marriage and family that any adult needs to hear, to savour and to take on board. She makes the typical life and worries of a woman make sense, looking at how we grew up, how we see the world, what we try to achieve. Epiphany moment.

I went from the heady heights of crying joyously in the car, worried I might crash, to sobbing uncontrollably as I ran listening, as Moran took us on a very honest and open journey with herself, her husband and daughter.

Open about the problems of being a woman and mother as well as the joys, Caitlin is like the big sister I never had. Adviser, mentor, jester, social commentator… is there anything this woman can’t make herself into, in one book?

I’m just a few years behind Moran, with younger children. Celebrity mums don’t inspire me, I don’t look up to them or really care to know what they say. But this woman has observed life, lived its highs and lows, experienced some of the glitz of celebrity culture while battling everyday trials and writing about it, warts and all, and it shows.

Erudite, witty, sexy and down-to-earth, she’s a role model for 30- and 40-somethings, and men could do far worse than gain some insight into their spouses too.

Definitely a book of the year, both as a read and representing the women of 2020.

ISBN-13 : 978-1529102758
Publisher : Ebury Press (3 Sept. 2020)