What a treat to read such a book, a gripping thriller approaching the genre from a different angle and with a surprising and memorable finale.

This is a novel that grabs from day one making it compulsory to keep reading.The denouement is stunning and to this reader totally satisfactory.

Trey and Bree are a loving couple, with a happy and contented family, comfortably off, living an idyllic life.  Did Bree imagine that a witch looked in her bedroom window in the middle of the night? Did she glimpse the same rather strange woman later in the day in the car park?  Or is she turning into her own over anxious mother?

Watching her daughter rehearse for a show, Bree steps away from the pram for a few minutes and when she turns back the baby is gone. Her nightmare becomes reality.

The breathy anonymous calls from presumably the strange woman give Bree a mission that she must complete if she wants Robert back. . She is to attend an office  reception that night and perform a tricky task by a certain time. Tell anyone or alert the police and Robert dies.

Can she be certain that if she carries out the instructions, her ordeal will be over and Robert will be in her arms again?  Dare she risk not following the instructions?

If I give too much of this cleverly twisted plot away it will be a spoiler but there is no escape from the past, it can back and bite you!

Thrillers are a very popular genre at the moment and it is so refreshing to come up with one that is from a totally different angle.

This is a cracking great read and I cannot wait to read another from the same author.

Review by Sheila Grant

Published by Raven Books (13 May 2021)
Paperback, ISBN 978-1526633859