Review by Paul Diggett

Publisher: Zaffre   May 2021
ISBN: 9781838775209   HB

Josh Bowman is a member of the ‘wing’ part of the SAS, and he has been assigned to
protect the President of an African republic, Ken ‘The Viper’ Seguma at a Royal Wedding. Bowman
and his team have been charged with protecting this tyrant as it is in Britain’s interests. Outside
Westminster Abbey there is an attempt on Seguma’s life and later at the reception there is a
poisoning of a known criminal, who whispers something to Bowman.

Once he has been debriefed by his Commanding Officer and given a brief statement to the
Police, he needs a hit of opioids. Which he manages to buy but while he is sorting his line out
there is a knock at the door and there are some men from the Secret Service wanting him to
accompany them to a briefing with John Mallet, a living legend in the Regiment and known to be
the head of the secretive ‘Cell’.

Bowman is offered the chance to work with the Cell in Monaco with Mi6 giving the orders.
The job in Monaco almost goes without a hitch. But as with all missions things change and they are
told to get back to Nice as they are catching a flight to Karastandu to protect the President’s family
as the country is undergoing a Russian supported coup.

When they eventually reach the Presidential Palace, they find the family gone and
members of the Government slaughtered. They know where to head to find the family and get
there in good time. They know they may have to fight to the death to protect the family, until
other special forces arrive.

While the first set of rebels, the Machete Boys are easy to dispatch, they know that things
are going to get harder. Especially when they see two buses along with a number of vehicles
heading their way, they know the battle is on.

This is a fantastically fast paced story, seeing how the SAS trained soldier accepts what
they have to do without question. Even if some of the orders are sketchy. They see between Mi6
and the Cell there are many secrets.

A good thriller, fast paced and interesting look at SAS trained soldiers in fiction.