Mixing genres, the core device intrigues; though the whole story doesn’t feel like a satisfying whole.

It was the author’s name that made me want to sample his latest. Ender’s Game was memorable, this sounded like a different enough genre to make me want to explore Card’s range.

While I liked the central idea, it did feel like a few different books were contained within, and that more could have been made of the rather unusual plot device.

Ezekiel Blast is known in school as a thief. He conveniently ‘finds’ lost things and returns them to their owners. But he insists to Beth, a girl of short stature who wants to walk with him to school, that he has never stolen them – he simply has an ability to be able to find lost things and reunite them with their owners.

When an actual ‘lost person’ case is investigated, and the detective involved comes to Ezekiel, he has the opportunity to try and channel his ability to really do some good.

I enjoyed the opening of the book particularly, the possibilities associated with Ezekiel’s ‘micropower’, the introduction of a support group of similarly able youngsters (it almost felt like a real-life Avengers!), and the sassy character of Beth, aged 13 but with the body of a six year old.

When missing people came into the story, I didn’t actually find this as interesting, or the best way of investigating the idea of Ezekiel’s ability. I didn’t feel much in the way of tension or excitement, either before or after cases were concluded.

The narrator as well, with a deep and rich voice, didn’t feel right at all for a teenage boy and those around him. It jarred with me throughout, despite being a very pleasant voice to listen to.

I was interested enough to know where the story was heading but disappointed, I’ll have to say that it wasn’t less pedestrian in its scope.

A lot of promise, for me it didn’t deliver on that.

One for teenagers and above, with some quite mature concepts of abduction/child pornography and similar.

Katy Noyes 3/4

Lost and Found by Orson Scott Card
Blackstone Audio B07RX8YCV8 audiobook Sep 2019