Alexis Tyler, ‘Lexi’ to her colleagues and friends, is due to return to work after maternity leave, and like all new mothers she is filled with trepidation at the prospect of leaving her beautiful baby girl. However, Lexi is not your everyday mom. You’ve heard of MI5 and MI6, right? Well, our heroine is a member of Platform Eight and a superbly trained killer. A good day at work involves men twice her size being knocked to the ground, a car successfully stolen, a mission on track, and back home in time to feel the soft squidge of her baby’s cheeks before bedtime, sat back in the nursing chair smelling her baby’s hair and holding her little hand.

This story is right on point. Russian oligarchs for or against the president, state of the art computer technology threatening the world order. Gripping from page one, it’s refreshing, witty and laugh-out-loud funny as clever sassy Lexi deals with wealthy yummy mummies and Russian heavies with equal skill and her secret weapon baby daughter Gigi. Well written with true to life characters, fast paced with plenty of action. Hopefully the start of a quality series of adventures for the killer mother, as the blurb on the cover states: Bad guys can wait. Bedtime can’t.

Heartily recommended.

John McCormick 4/4

Killing It by Asia Mackay
Zaffre 9781785764530 pbk Jul 2018