Review by Sara Boorman

Publisher:  Tinder Press      Augustr 2021

ISBN: 978-1472266019    HB

This is a moody and atmospheric story of murder, drugs, heavy metal and Satanism. It centres on
the character Erin Sloane. Erin is a journalist and she is given an assignment to report on a murder
that happened back in 1994. But this is no ordinary murder – it is an infamous cult killing involving
supposedly devil-worshipping teenagers that has attracted quite a bit of attention over the years. The
thing is that Erin knew those involved in the killing, some of them intimately, and her father R.P.
was a local police officer at the time as well.

Erin finds out during her investigation that the accepted stories, legends and police case regarding
the Halloween murder in West Cypress woods, and what really happened that night, are somewhat

I really like the punchy style this book is written in and Erin is a for me a likeable character even
with her traumas and flaws. She herself has never really come to terms with the events in the book
even though she was not present at the murder herself. The teenage protagonists in the book are
well described and become more realistic as the book progresses and as they get older. Those
present at the murder of Andre evolve from the sort of outline you might read in a newspaper report
to much more rounded and believable characters.

This is a good and very readable thriller that keeps a sense of mystery until the end and it has some
twists that I did not expect. This is Ruth McIver’s first book and it is a fabulous dark and gripping