Grace Allendale has moved from Salford to Stoke on Trent as a newly promoted Detective Sergeant, back in the city of her birth. She also knows that she is going to have to face some of her demons, who just happen to be her estranged family.

A killer is on the loose and she has to face her family a lot earlier than imagined, and it will not be a pleasant meeting. They do not want to know her, and she certainly does not want to know them. The Steeles have a reputation to keep up and having a copper in the family will do them no favours. Just as Grace’s colleagues would not be impressed if they ever found out the she was a Steele by birth and related to the Steele family.

When Eddie Steele’s best friend is killed outside the Steele Gym, Grace knows that everybody will be watching her, especially those higher up in the police. As more bodies turn up, the pressure is being piled on Grace and her team, even more so when there is a leak and everybody is looking to blame her.

For Grace, the investigation becomes a choice between her colleagues and her estranged family. She needs to trust someone, especially if she wants to solve the murders. While at the same time she will have to dig into the depths of her past, and some of that past she would rather forget.

Mel Sherratt has once again written an outstanding police procedural thriller and it always fantastic to see a strong female lead. Somehow she has managed to make Stoke on Trent sound interesting, which is really hard work.

A great book.

Paul Diggett 5/5

Hush Hush by Mel Sherratt
Avon 9780008271046 pbk Oct 2018