Lynda La Plante has created a new series; if you are a La Plante fan you will recognise a couple of names, which although they may not be central to the plot at first, will certainly make you think. One good thing about La Plante’s writing is that she knows how to grab the reader, like a bouncer at throwing out time, and keep you gripped to the end.

Detective constable Jack Warr has transferred to the Met from the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, while his girlfriend has transferred into a London hospital as a medic. As much as he loves Maggie, his girlfriend, he is coasting at work, which is not good news when you are a member of the Major Incident Team.

Jack is trying to find out who he really is, and at times it seems to be all consuming to the point it is causing problems at work and with his relationship with Maggie. Will things fall into place, especially with his adoptive family, or will Jack fall to pieces as his career is about to get into gear?

An isolated cottage is burnt to the ground by an arsonist, and a former police constable has been found dead inside the cottage, which was once home to another former police officer. When they also recover some burnt money that had been stolen during a robbery on the railways close by where the cottage is, the Met are called in to investigate.

While the team investigates Jack finds there are some people of interest, that were interviewed at the time. Jack’s gut is telling him that they may have been female, but should never be underestimated, which so far they had been. But his boss and the rest of the team are pulling in another direction. Warr knows he is right he just has to prove it.

One good thing about a Lynda La Plante thriller is that she does leave crumbs to see if you can work out who the criminal is, but whether you can work it out before the reveal is a different matter. It is always a pleasure reading her thrillers.

Paul Diggett 5/5*

Buried by Lynda La Plante
9781838770341 Zaffre Harback April 2020