I adored this TV series as a teenager, and was thrilled to see the original radio show available on Audible. It’s the first time I’ve ever listened to the sketches, rather than viewing them.

Admittedly, I missed the memories I have of costumes and facial expressions, but the verbal humour is no less here, with a few characters and scenes I wasn’t familiar with.

The actors carry over their characters with expertise, just a moment of the vocal and you know exactly which favourite you’re about to hear. The teenagers (‘as if!’, ‘kiss my chuddies!’), the Coopers/Kapoors, Mr India, the Guru, and the wonderful costume drama remakes and mockumentaries, they are all here. I always loved the songs too, with their lyrics cleverly using the originals but digging at Asian culture.

As someone very ‘white British’ but who grew up in a multicultural town as a minority, I loved both seeing some familiar stereotypes and some I know only from Goodness Gracious Me but recognise as similar to those in my own background and culture – some things are universal.

And surely – Going Out for an English will go down as a classic sketch alongside the Dead Parrot as a beautifully realised piece of comic perfection.

A chortlesome delight to listen to, entertaining and also rather informative. A few cultural references are slightly dated now, but these were in the minority. The main cast of four still impress me with their writing/acting/comedy skills.

Katy Noyes 5/4

Goodness Gracious Me: The Complete Radio Series 1-3
BBC Worldwide Ltd B07RV45WTY audiobook May 2019