A fun read involving three generations of the Gogarty family. A warm hearted story spiced with humour following the often traumatic problems of generation divide and misunderstandings that fill the lives of this slightly crazy but loveable family.

Who does not enjoy Irish humour?

Gran Millie is the central character and possibly chief troublemaker among the typical individual members of family life. Getting on in years, she is dismissive of advice, believing in her own invincibility, and her right to behave as she wishes. Her determination to make her own decisions at times, and a penchant for shoplifting, cause angst to her long suffering stepson, Kevin. Having lost his job as a journalist he struggles with being a ‘house dad’ to his children especially his twin daughters who lack the elusive ‘twin bond’. The good twin, bad twin scenario is well defined and Aideen, the rebellious one, with a very large chip on her shoulder, is being particularly obstructive. The bond developing between her and her grandmother is dangerous!

Kevin’s good intentions and efforts at keeping everyone on an even keel come back to bite him when things do not run as smoothly as he intended. Meanwhile his wife is the breadwinner and he is trying every route to find employment when the problems involving his family members seem to fill his days.

Stopping short of pure farce this is an enjoyable book, an easy read, full of wonderful characters and their many adventures. Some far fetched situations are amusing and entertaining but the reader will find it easy to ignore the incredulity.

A bit of a romp but an entertaining one, well written and with characters that may well be typical of family crises in some quarters.

Reviewed by Sheila Grant

Publisher: Allen & Unwin 2021
ISBN: 9781838952747 HB