Reviewer: Paul Diggett

Publisher: Headline   November 2021

ISBN: 9781472271006    HB

This is agreat thriller that keeps you  guessing all the way to the end, and even then you are not sure if you really believe  whether Sketty is innocent or guilty, good cop or bad cop. He certainly crosses a few blurred lines. What is the truth?

Chris Sketty has been transferred to a new unit, not entirely of his own choosing, and to make matters worse he is undercover. He would be considered a rat, if his colleagues discovered he was spying on one of their own. Sketty has been tasked with infiltrating a British terrorist organisation, that also includes members of the police, and he needs to befriend one of these and be invited into the organisation. He has to get close to DS Cleaver who is thought to be a member of the terrorist organisation.

Sketty quickly gains a reputation as an excellent team player on his new team, taking down the untouchables of London’s drug gangs. He works closely with Cleaver and they build up a good rapport, especially when tasked with finding a kidnapped child. How they happen to get the information stays strictly between Sketty and Cleaver – or so he thinks  The further he gets in with Cleaver the closer he gets to the terror organisation.

When he finally makes contact with the group he is tested a number of times, and it really begins to shake his confidence. Especially when he has to drive someone he would never trust, especially after he sticks a loaded gun in his face. He is worried that he may be facilitating crimes which he cannot tell his superiors about, but he still continues.

When Sketty stops a terror attack in a London restaurant he begins to slide into a nightmare, which he does not seem to be able to escape from. This is when you start to question his moral compass.

Will he be able to find the truth? Or will he wind up dead?  Whether he is a good cop or a bad cop, you will have to read on to find out!