Recent years have seen a surge in books, largely aimed at young readers, about inspirational figures, and notably often female figures, the latest of which is Lily Diu’s Fantastic Female Adventurers. As the title suggests, Diu introduces fourteen incredible women and their life stories, all beautifully illustrated by Chellie Carroll. I’m ashamed to say that of the fourteen names, I was familiar with only one, but the purpose and importance of this book is to make sure these women get the widespread recognition they deserve and by the time readers turn the final page there is no doubt these remarkable pioneers will have left their mark. It’s brilliant to have a book like this in which youngsters can meet incredible individuals whose stories can inspire and motivate them. Indeed, even for adult readers, it’s a wonderfully motivating and inspiring book. Each of the fourteen female adventurers is a superb role model and many of them are just ordinary women who have achieved the extraordinary. From the first British astronaut to a woman who swam the world’s oceans, these fourteen women encapsulate the spirit of adventuring, but more than that, they represent the very best of human endeavour, determination and perseverance, proving that anything is possible. Their feats of endurance cover all areas of the globe and various different activities, including sailing and running – proving that there really is nothing and nowhere that women can’t conquer. With fourteen incredibly diverse stories, there is something to inspire all readers, whether they dream of visiting the North Pole or climbing Everest, conquering the seas or outer space. Even for those readers, like me, whose adventurous spirit is less developed, there is much to take away from this book, about ambition, dedication and success, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by, not just young girls, but young boys too, as well as older readers. Author Lily Diu has done a tremendous job in not only paying tribute to and giving these women their spotlight but also in offering their stories to inspire and encourage the next generation to think big and chase after their dreams, however ambitious they seem. In a few years time, who knows, the readers of this book may just become the subjects of their own books.

J Craddock 5/5

Fantastic Female Adventurers by Lily Dyu
Shrine Bell 9781912560172 pbk Oct 2019