On 26th February, some of the best travel writers and hopeful family and friends gathered in the London Transport Museum for an evening of celebration. The Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards honours authors who write about travel, whether that be through the Mongolian steppe as did Laura Palmer in Rough Magic (winner of Steppes Travel Adventure Travel Book of the Year) or into the ‘deep time’ that is the Underland (Robert Macfarlane, winner of Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year Award), these authors share one thing: a passion for travel and the incredible ability to translate that onto paper.

Taken on a culinary tour around the world with street food canapés and gin cocktails, the evening was an indulgent glimpse into a world written about by these celebrated authors. In a relaxed and quirky setting surrounded by black taxis and London buses, we heard stories of the trials overcome and the joys experienced by these authors, those with an overwhelming urge to keep moving, to never settle, both in their lives and their writing.

Each author was presented with a beautiful globe, a Gandy’s backpack, and a bottle of Seven Crofts Gin, and all were overjoyed to be on the receiving end of such a prestigious prize.

To find out more about the shortlists and winners of each prize, take a look at the website: https://www.edwardstanfordawards.com/awards-2020

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